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Moving Blankets Buyer Guide

Moving Blankets Buyer Guide

As Spring approaches, so does moving season; a time when millions of American families and businesses pack up their belongings and relocate to new destinations across the country. Nearly 60% of annual move in the United States take place from May to August, making this the busiest time of year for moving companies, storage facilities, and do-it-yourself movers.

Moving Blankets

Moving blankets are essential for moving. Also known as moving pads or furniture pads, these blankets are designed to protect furniture, appliances, and home furnishings from damage during transportation and storage. In this article we will focus on the protection level of our blankets.

Important Factors to Consider When Purchasing Moving Blankets

  • Protection Level
  • Moving Distance
  • Repeat Use
  • Colorfast
  • Price
  • Company Colors/Branding
  • Ordering

Let's take a look at some of the most critical pieces to a moving blanket first. Then we will find the blanket that meets your needs.

The most important things to understand when looking at the protection level of moving blankets are the following:

  • Jacket Material (what the outside of the blanket is made of)
  • Weight of the blanket (by the dozen)
  • Binding/Stitching
  • Batting material (what's on the inside)

Let's start by taking a look at the most common types of jacket material. Woven Fabric

The most common fabric for professional and premium-quality moving blankets is a “woven” fabric, generally either 100% polyester, or a blend of polyester and cotton. A woven fabric consists of strands of fabric weaved together throughout the blanket in a crisscross pattern to form a tight, durable, and sometimes semi water-repellent outer jacket for the blanket.

Woven blankets tend to be higher in quality and durability because the weaving process they go through adds more strength to the materials used in the weave.

If you are a professional mover, or a do-it-yourself mover on a long-haul trip, we highly suggest a woven moving blanket, either from our premium moving blankets or heavy-duty moving blankets categories. These blankets are engineered for maximum protection. Blankets in these categories are designed to protect your valuables from damage, scuffs and scratches in some of the most demanding situations.

Non-Woven Moving Blankets

Non-woven polyester fabric is used in most economy and single use moving pads. While non-woven also uses polyester as the base, the process of making the jacket material involves superheating the materials in one large piece, causing the molecules in the polyester to bond together. This process creates a less durable, but more cost-effective alternative to woven moving blankets.

These blankets are also commonly used for dust/debris protection for furniture and valuables in storage. Since they don’t hold up as well during the hustle and bustle of a long haul move, we recommend non-woven blankets, such as those in our standard blankets and light-duty blankets categories to perform these tasks.

Our lowest priced moving pads are the ProSkin series moving blankets. These blankets are made of the filler material that the rest of our blankets use and are ideal for one time use. They are the most affordable, but do not hold up for serious moving needs.


The binding, also known as stitching, is the material used to stitch the blanket together. This is a very important part of the process, as the pattern of the stitching can make a big difference in the durability of the moving blanket.

The most durable and commonly used style of stitching is what is known as a “zig-zag” pattern, which every blanket in our catalog that has stitching uses. We make sure to only sell blankets with a zig-zag stitch pattern to ensure that even our economy and light-duty pads can stand up to daily wear and tear.


Batting is the material used to fill up the blankets. All of our blankets have a 100% recycled cotton batting. This means that in the event some of the batting begins to show, it will not scratch or hurt any of the valuables the blanket is covering. Recycled cotton batting combined with a zig-zag stitch pattern guarantees the inside materials will not shift during use.


Moving blankets are weighed by the dozen. Generally, it is assumed that the heavier the moving blanket, the higher quality it is. This is true to some degree, but much of the durability/quality comes from the jacket material. Weight is a good indicator of the quality, but make sure to look at the jacket material and stitching to guarantee you are getting the product you need.

Which Blanket is Right for You?

Now that you know the most important pieces of a moving blanket, let’s look at which of our blankets fits your needs.

For those who need maximum protection we recommend using our ProSeries ProWrap or ProFormer premium moving blankets; built for the professional and long-haul movers. Both the ProWrap and ProFormer are made of 100% polyester woven material and a 100% woven trim complete with zig-zag lock stitching and four finished corners. The ProWrap is our heaviest blanket, weighing 80-85lbs per dozen, making it the most durable blanket in our inventory. The ProFormer is our second heaviest blanket, weighing 75-80lbs per dozen and is slightly less expensive than our ProWrap. Both blankets are built for maximum protection and repeated use.

For those who need storage protection we recommend our ProSeries ProStorage blanket. This economical pad is designed for stationary protection such as furniture left in a storage unit. With a non-woven jacket, zig-zag lock stitching and 100% recycled cotton batting, the ProStorage is designed to protect your assets during one-way moves or while in storage.

For those who need versatility we recommend our ProSeries ProCamo blankets. These unique, camo-patterned blankets work as moving pads, picnic blankets or ground cover. With the 100% polyester woven jacket and zig-zag double-lock stitching and a machine-washable design, the ProSeries ProCamo blanket is one of our most versatile pads.*

*Not intended to be used as bedding

For our entire inventory of moving blankets and furniture protection, click here.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us at customerservice@unitedonesource.com or call us at 1.800.338.6679 and we will be happy to help you further.